Make a Donation!

These are a few organizations I am really excited about! I work at UC Riverside, home to the Sexual Assault Violence Education (SAVE) peer education program. I am the social media coordinator for Women Wonder Writers and I love helping the force that is Mer Docs. Each of these organizations supports women and their safety, resiliency and voice! Please consider donating. Thank you!

Donate to SAVE 

Help UC Riverside's Sexual Assault and Violence Education (SAVE) peer educators create a culture of consent.

SAVE teaches UCR students and community members about consent, rape culture, dating violence, bystander intervention and more.

Note: The PayPal link will say my name until the SAVE account link goes live this month! Donations will still go to SAVE!

Donate to Mer Docs

Help Faye Robles create more Mer Docs! Her amazing short documentaries about women artists delight, inform and inspire. Mer Docs shine a light on marginalized artists and gives you a window into their world.


Note: The PayPal link will say my name until the Mer Docs account link goes live! Donations will still go to Mer Docs!

Donate to Women Wonder Writers

Help Women Wonder Writers build resilience and strength in young women! They break the cycle of victimization and stop the school-to-prison pipeline through art, self-expression and writing workshops for girls ages 14-17.  

Watch founder Debra Postil's  TEDx Talk here