UC Riverside Social Media Posts

I help create social media content, websites, and print and digital campaigns for UC Riverside campus departments. I love working with campus departments to promote their events and programs. I love helping students connect to resources. These are some examples:

Transfer Campaign

This is an example of a tweet that appeared in the Life at UCR (Admissions) Twitter feed plus in geofenced Facebook and Google digital ads. Posts like this were part of a large statewide campaign geared toward recruiting transfer students. We are still evaluating its effectiveness. I am especially interested in how many students visited the URL as a result of this campaign (and how many students click through to apply). 

PERSIST Campaign

This post appeared in the Women's Resource Center Instagram feed as part of a heavily branded campuswide print and digital campaign. There was a lot of buzz leading up to this event. I was proud to name the event, create the hashtag and write the website. It was a big success! High attendance and many people posting with the hashtag #persist2017

BSAV Campaign

We created this post for the newly launched Brothers & Sisters Against Violence student group. It appears in the UCR CARE Instagram feed and in their print materials as well. I will be checking in with the group this month to see how many students applied to be representatives.

To see more of my work for UC Riverside, here are a few websites, brochures and campaigns that I wrote:


Women Wonder Writers Social Media Posts

I also create social media content for the local nonprofit Women Wonder Writers. I love helping them grow their community and empower young women to succeed. This is an example of a social media campaign:

Art of Fatherhood Campaign


  • Inspire dads and daughters to attend a fun event featuring painting, mentorship and entertainment
  • Raise funds via ticket sales
  • Inspire people to sponsor students/donate tickets
  • Inspire participants to enter essay contest


Instagram/Facebook Videos

We started out promoting the event in a general way with fun, short videos. 


Instagram/Twitter Teaser Posts

We began to post teasers about the talented women that would be there. This helped to engage their networks and entice their fans to attend and participate. An unexpected benefit of these posts was that we got people to volunteer after seeing them. 


Instagram/Facebook/Twitter Sponsorship and Ticket Donation Posts

We knew that not every girl has a dad and not every girl could afford to go, so we asked for folks to sponsor spots for all girls to attend. It was cute when these two young ladies were super proud to be featured in a photo in our feed! It was also fun to create posts to tell young ladies that there were spots for them to attend for free. 


Instagram/Facebook Essay Contest Posts

We promoted our essay contest to our student and writer followers. It was super successful and we got a response from dads and daughters. It was very special to thank our sponsors when our first place winner was able to go to her first baseball game ever as a result of their donated tickets. 


Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Posts About the Event 

After the event we had a lot of fun posting photos from the day. We did full albums on Facebook, highlights on Instagram and Twitter, and we also really enjoyed the posts that the entertainers shared about the event. 

Was it a success? 


  • It was our most well attended event to date (100+ people)
  • It was extremely positive for the community
  • We received lots of donations, many girls got to attend for free
  • We had very strong ticket sales
  • There were great essay contest submissions and winners and it was a super positive experience
  • It set a great precedence for next year
  • We gained followers and had lots of shares and likes, BUT more importantly, we set record attendance numbers, built strong community engagement, raised funds and inspired people to attend, donate AND volunteer. 

What I would have done differently:

  • I would have used more consistent, better branding (like PERSIST 2017). See the #PERSIST2017 feed. 
  • I would have really tailored content for each social media platform (there was some variety but not enough)
  • I would have implemented live coverage (Instagram stories, Facebook live, tweeting, Snapchat, etc.)
  • I would have done a video of the event  (interviewed the girls, their dads, etc.) and posted it on our YouTube channel.

See Women Wonder Writer's social media feeds here:

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