What ever happened to Congo?

"Oh, you mean Congo?" This is what my friend said when I asked to hear the story of how his girlfriend's father once brought a chimpanzee to their house. Obviously, I was immediately obsessed with knowing everything about her story. This project is just beginning, but I'm really excited about it!

Photo courtesy of Cheri Zausch. 

Photo courtesy of Cheri Zausch. 

How can we help Chantek?

I want to help Dr. Lyn Miles help Chantek, the encultured orangutan she raised and taught to sign. He knows more than 150 signs and now lives at the Atlanta Zoo, where Ivan the Gorilla lived his last days. I want to learn all about Chantek and how we can help him be free and happy.

My foster son, Chantek, is special-he can communicate with signs, make up his own words, and even tell lies! He creates stone tools and beautiful jewelry and paintings, and asks for car rides to get "cheese-meat-breads" (hamburgers!).